Track and Manage Portfolio Using Google Spreadsheet Anywhere Anytime

Manage Portfolio using Google Spreadsheet

Do you know that you can manage portfolio using Google Spreadsheet online. Many of us must be using Google drive as online repository or backup space for storing our files and sharing them with friends and relative. But very few of us know the fact that Google drive is not just a repository. But a cloud based application which can do wonders for you. It has lots of feature apart from having online spreadsheet and doc and. Also, you can even do scripting and run those scripts online on Google server anytime of the day without keeping your computer on.   Today in this post we are going to discuss one of such feature of Google Drive using Google spreadsheet. It’s managing and tracking your stock portfolio in real time. Yes you heard right you can manage and track your stock using Google spreadsheet in real time. Google offers Finance ( as a site which keeps track of stock listed on many of the top stock exchanges across world. And also shows their real-time price along with historical price on their portal. Google spreadsheet has capability to import same data. It show them in a spreadsheet and on top of […]

Charts & Candle – What is a candle

Sample Candlestick Chart

What is a Candle ? Candlestick is most commonly used methodology in Technical analysis of Trading instruments, be it commodities or Stocks. Technical analysis was first started in Japan in 17th Century by Rice Traders. Later on Charles DOW initiated very modified version of technical analysis in US around 1900. Technical analysis is based in the principal “The “what” (price action) is more important than the “why”. All known information is reflected in the price. Buyers and sellers move markets based on expectations and emotions (fear and greed). Markets fluctuate. The actual price may not reflect the underlying value.” Candlestick based charting started sometime in 18th Century, and it was started by a rice trade named Homma. his ideas were refined and developed over the years and turned the candlestick charting we use these days. How Candles are formed — To Create a candle stick chart, you need candles of price action. Each candles denotes some time period which can be any thing ranging form 1 min to 1 month. To draw the candle you need Open, High, Low and Close values of that period. The hollow or filled body of candle is called the body. One end of Candle […]