How to Pull Historical Stock Data using Google Spreadsheet

Historical Data for NSE

Do you want to build your own indicators or your own strategies in stock market for buying or selling a stock based on historical data? Or you simply want to see what was the price of a particular stock 2 months back and 3 months back? Historical Stock Data using Google Spreadsheet is very easy or you can opt for some paid software or you have a broker account which shows chart on screen. So here is a better way to achieve this, using Google finance. Google Finance along with Google Spreadsheet can solve your problem of fetching historical data for any stock. And you can do your own calculation or research based on the historical data. Best part of this setup is you don’t need to manually update data every day. It updates by itself giving you fresh data every time you open your spreadsheet. That too without any overhead on your computer or without delays. I will here explain you how to fetch historical data for any stock listed on National stock exchange India. However you can do it for any exchange supported by Google Finance. All you need is Google Account, access to Google drive and some […]